Proposals Submitted

National Science Foundation

NSF/Intel Partnership on Machine Learning for Wireless Networking Systems (MLWiNS)
Proposal Title: “Adaptive and Localized Spectrum Management via Machine Learning”.
Grant PI: Prashant Krishnamurthy.
Grant Co-PIs: Martin Weiss, Joe Yurko and Marcela M. Gomez.
Submitted in October 2019, and it is currently under review.

Smart and Connected Communities – Planning Grant
Proposal Title: “How data-driven technologies and training can empower marginalized communities”.
Grant PI: Rosta Farzan.
Grant Co-PIs: Kate Anderson, Jennifer Murtazashvili, Waverly Duck andMarcela M. Gomez. Solicitation:
Proposal submitted in September 2019, and it is currently under review

National Institutes of Health

R01 Research Project Grant – PA-19-065
Proposal Title: “Clinical Case Simulator for Experienced Patient Care Providers: Diagnostic & Treatment Skill Acquisition, Retention, and Outcomes Assessment”.
Grant PI: Dmitriy Babichenko.
Grant Co-PIs:Peter Brusilovsky, Gary Tabas, Eliza Littleton, Ravi Patel, Mark Roberts, and Marcela M.Gomez.
Submitted in September, 2019, and it is currently under review

Institute for Research on Innovation & Science (IRIS)

IRIS Researcher AwardsOctober 2019
Proposal Title: “Does it pay-off to play well with others? Analysis of research output and social impactof individual and collaborative research”.
Grant PI: Marcela M. Gomez.
Submitted in October, 2019, and it is currently under review.