About Me

My name is Marcela M. Gómez and I am a Visiting Research Assistant Professor in the Department of Informatics and Networked Systems (DINS) at the School of Computing and Information of the University of Pittsburgh.

I am interested in research projects that focus on the interplay of policy, technology and economics in complicated systems. The complicated systems I’ve dealt with so far are those that rely on electromagnetic spectrum. Along these lines, I am interested in the design and development of secondary spectrum markets, the study of governance and enforcement mechanisms, and finding applicable technologies that can render spectrum markets viable.

My research methodology has been the application of agent-based modeling to develop models to study the effect of different factors on the operations of spectrum-based systems.

As I continue with my research career, I would like to continue to apply a multidisciplinary approach to areas that extend beyond the electromagnetic spectrum realm. By leveraging my knowledge of agent-based modeling, I would like to build models of different problems that have a broader societal impact.

Outside academic life, I am a dog mom, Pure Barre enthusiast and amateur runner, I practice modern lettering and calligraphy, and drink coffee!